Oklahoma’s Cannabis Extraction Event: A Weekend of Innovation and Education

This past weekend was chocked-full of cannabis events in Oklahoma!

On the heels of Imperious Cannabis Expo, an open-house style extraction and distillation demonstration offered a unique opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts to experience innovative technology first-hand.

Hosted by Byrn Brands in Oklahoma City, the two-day event brought together a diverse group of participants, including class members, industry experts, and equipment developers. With disruptive technology on display, the event showcased the latest developments in cannabis processing.

This blog post aims to recap the highlights of the weekend, shedding light on the innovative techniques and equipment that were demonstrated.

Exploring Byrn Brands’ Lab

With a focus on growing, processing, and extraction, Byrn Brands generously showcased their expansive, state-of-the-art equipment and facility.

One notable piece of equipment demonstrated was the Illuminated Extractors E-4K Turbo, a sophisticated system that not only uses hydrocarbons as their solvent of choice for extraction, but also as their method of heating and cooling columns.

This game-changing system eliminates the need for costly heaters and chillers, which additionally reduces energy usage.

Analyzing Solutions in Real Time

Alex Siegel, a consultant and equipment developer, presented a fascinating photoanalytic system designed to enable operators to analyze the various photo reactive compounds, such as carotenoids and chlorophyll, in their oil stream solutions.

Appropriately named, the Pigment Tracker, Alex’s devise has the ability to analyze these compounds in real time aiding an operator’s selection and use of adsorbents when improving the quality of cannabis oil.

The demo showcased distillation of terpenes, resulting in high-quality, clear terpene extracts. The Pigment Tracker is not limited to distillation however; it can be placed inline in a myriad of applications, such as hydrocarbon, ethanol and ice water extractions.

Unveiling the Secrets of Terpenes

Terpenes a group of volatile compounds found in various plants, play a crucial role in not just the flavor and taste but also the efficacy of the entourage effect.

The Pigment Tracker demonstration emphasized the importance of separating valuable terpenes from less beneficial constituents such as bitterants, foul odors, and tastes, allowing manufacturers to better integrate them into products such as cartridges, extracts and even infused beverages.

The process of distilling terpenes and removing photoreactive compounds was highlighted, not only resulting in water-clear terpenes but also incredible light and bright aroma.

Attendees gained valuable insights into the value stream and extraction techniques for terpenes.

Scaling Solventless Extraction

Ice water hash extraction is a process regularly preformed in labs in parallel with solvent extraction processes.

Unfortunately, ice water is very labor intensive, SC Filtration has been developing scalable equipment to produce more of this valuable product stream with less man hours.

SC filtration is known for their high quality cannabis oil handling equipment and it is great to see them bringing their expertise to an extraction method with is increasing in demand.

This weekend they showcased their newest addition, the Mesclatore Lite which is worth a look for any solventless extractor.

Oklahoma’s Cannabis Market

In between demos; food, hash and causal conversations led to genuine and earnest incites about the current state of the Oklahoma industry.

Much like what we have seen in other major cannabis markets, times have been tough but we are bringing the road to recover and the future looks bright.

Acknowledgments and Closing Thoughts

The success of this event would not have been possible without the efforts of various individuals and organizations.

Byrn Brands, the gracious hosts, Illuminated Extractors, for coordinating the event and showcasing their disruptive technology, Alex Siegel for his enlightening Pigment Tracker demo, and Cory, at Clear Extraction Solutions for providing valuable guidance on equipment operations.

Additionally, special thanks go to Orange Photonics for testing products brought in by students, as well as those produced on site during the demo. Orange also sponsored the charcuterie board that was aesthetically arranged by Baked Bre.

And last but not least, HashFight for gathering community and creating opportunities for inquirers and extractors alike to experience innovative technology in person and online.


In conclusion, Illuminated’s Oklahoma Extraction Demo was a true testament to the ongoing innovation and dedication within the industry.

Attendees left with a wealth of knowledge, having witnessed firsthand the cutting-edge technologies and techniques shaping the cannabis extraction landscape.

These events not only provide a platform for education but also foster a sense of community among extractors, creating opportunities for growth and collaboration.

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Sheldon Lotspeich, CEO, Founder

Sheldon is a dynamic entrepreneur and the CEO of Carbon Chemistry. With a background in transportation, he brings a unique perspective to the business world. Sheldon’s true passion lies in the potential of hemp, and he strives to revolutionize industries by integrating sustainable cannabis processing solutions.