MG MIller

MG Miller loves working hand-in-hand with clients in the chemical distribution industry, such as Carbon Chemistry. By leveraging our experience as a trademark law firm, we have helped companies like Carbon Chemistry build a comprehensive, and valuable trademark portfolio covering many aspects of their business, such as their logos, trade names, and other intellectual property.


I started using carbon chemistry products my boss gave me the task of turning black crude into white shatter. So I had to research how to do that. From everything I had read, and seen online, carbon chemistry seemed to have the most products for what I needed with a lot of positive reviews. I tried other brands in tandem with carbon chemistry, and nothing was as effective and straightforward.


One stop shopping! Pure. Proven. Professional. Price on point! Peerless personable partners in promoting proper practices!


It is clearly the best filter powders, not to mention great customer support, even when not buying direct from CC.


I have seen the results on Future so wanted to try it for myself. I’m getting a lighter color in the extracts, which is most desirable. Great product, gets the job done.